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Daniel Burrus Futurist, Business Leader

The Anticipatory Leader: A Proven Model To Predict Change and Create Extraordinary Results

Renowned futurist and disruptive innovation expert Daniel Burrus will kick off the three-day event’s keynotes with advice and insights on how to not just survive but thrive in tough times. “Post-pandemic success will be determined by what you do now, not post-pandemic,” he says. Burrus will provide attendees with actionable steps they can take to identify challenges and leverage the opportunities they present.


Sponsored by: Davis | Kuelthau s.c.

FBB_Kent Lorenz_Photo.jpg

W. Kent Lorenz

First Business Financial Services

Four IoT Technology Trends That Will Impact Small to Mid-sized Manufacturers

Savvy manufacturing executives look for competitive advantages to stay ahead of the competition. With the recent projection that more than 15,000 robots will operate in Wisconsin by 2030, it’s the perfect time to learn about how robotics can prepare your company to stay competitive. W. Kent Lorenz will discuss automation, digital ecosystems, artificial intelligence and augmented reality and their importance in manufacturing. 


Jensen, Steve 2014_9372 4x5.jpg

Stephen C. Jensen,

Sr. IP Attorney Davis | Kuelthau s.c.

Safeguarding Your Intellectual Property Assets in Turbulent Times

Whether changing production to help meet market demand, manufacturing a new product to align with new consumer needs, laying off employees or considering a merger or acquisition, protecting your intellectual property assets is vital. Are your trade secrets at risk for walking away with your departing employees? Is the improvement to your existing product already patented by someone else? How can you safeguard your methods, formulations and other assets from loss or compromise when aligning with other manufacturers? Learn how to manage and protect your IP assets during economic upheaval.


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St. Norbert_Dean Stewart_Photo.jpg

Dean Stewart

Ed. D

St.Norbert College - Center for Exceptional Leadership

Strategic Visioning and Execution:

A Simplified Model for Organizational Success

In today's business climate, it’s critical for organizations to create a vision for the future, and even more importantly, to execute on that vision. Unfortunately, many companies either fail to plan, overcomplicate the process, or worse, never fully deliver on the strategy they worked so hard to put in place. This session will explore the importance of a visioning exercise that includes key stakeholders, building a comprehensive plan around key focus areas and metrics, and developing a solid strategy for execution. 


Wipfli_Jake Rohrer_Photo.jpg

Jake R. Rohrer

Wipfli LLP

Wipfli_Anirudh Nadkarni_Photo.jpg

Anirudh Nadkarni

Wipfli LLP

Industry 4.0: How do we get started?

Industry 4.0 has created a lot of excitement for manufacturing companies as it promises to bring unprecedented visibility and granularity to shop floor operations. Yet as this new technology continues to penetrate down-market, it has left a lot of manufacturers with more questions than answers. In a recent study by the MPI group, 49 percent of manufacturers struggle with identifying opportunities and benefits of Industry 4.0 and 20 percent were unsure of where and how to get started.


If you are looking to learn about Industry 4.0 applications and begin your journey, this session is for you. We will share our methodology for solution visioning, requirements gathering and roadmap development that allows manufacturers to learn about this technology and strategically apply it.


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Tim & Gretchen Gilbertson


After starting the company out of their garage, the Gilbertsons have built Séura into an internationally recognized leading technology provider of indoor and outdoor TV and mirror solutions. They’ll share what they wish had known in the beginning and strategies other manufacturers can put to work in their businesses.

Sponsored by: Oshkosh Corp

M3_Chris Halverson_Photo (2).jpg

Chris Halverson

 M3 Insurance

M3_Jeff Christensen_Photo.jpg

Jeff Christensen

 M3 Insurance

Reputational Risk during COVID

COVID-19 has brought many challenges to organizations. The way they respond to constantly changing rules and regulations matters. Reputational risk is a great concern for organizations in every industry. Companies that effectively communicate the steps they’ve taken to ensure the safety of their employees, suppliers and customers as they ramp up or resume operations will come out on top. 

Join M3’s core disaster response and recovery team, Chris Halverson and Jeff Christensen, as they share strategies to minimize your reputational risk. They’ll cover operational safety considerations and best practices during COVID-19, how to manage and message a positive COVID-19 case in your facility, and potential consequences of mismanaging safety protocols and communication during the pandemic.

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Imaginasium_Miles Smith_Photo.jpg

Miles Smith,


Turbocharge Sales Lead Generation & Recruitment with Digital Marketing

Right now, you're likely wasting money on marketing with zero ROI. Digital marketing in today's world requires using innovative, evidence-based strategies that your competitors aren't. Now more than ever, it's important to do so since sales and HR rely so heavily on digital lead generation. Discover how to connect with prospects to fill your sales funnel with qualified, excited leads that are ready to engage. Using similar strategies, you can also expand your recruitment pipeline with more qualified candidates.

View recorded presentation here:



Attorney Sara Ackermann

Schill 4x6.jpg

Attorney Mary Ellen Schill

Levanetz 4x6.jpg

Attorney Chad Levanetz

Rowe 4x6.jpg

Attorney Matt Rowe

Hot Legal Topics and What That Means for Your Business


Change has become a constant in our daily lives. More than ever, the legal world is in a continued state of motion, and manufacturers have been called upon to innovate in short order while complying with new laws. Our panel of Ruder Ware attorneys will share the latest laws, orders, and rulings and detail what it means for your business and the impact on your bottom line. Topics covered will include employment law, litigation, business and benefits.


Yvonne DeGroot.jpg

Yvonne DeGroot


NWTC_Mohammed Bey_Photo.jpg

Mohammed Bey


Create a Culture of Respect and Inclusion

Does your organization value the business imperative of diversity and inclusion? As an organization, do you value the importance of diversity? Building an intentional culture that meets the needs of all your employees has important implications for the attraction, development and retention of talent today and into the future.


Join us for a conversation on laying the foundation for diversity, while highlighting some tips on how to make diversity and inclusion a retention tool for your organization


WMEP_George Bureau_Photo.jpg

George Bureau,

WMEP Manufacturing Solutions

Fourth Crisis/COVID-19 Wisconsin Manufacturer Pulse Survey Webinar

The webinar will share the findings from WMEP Manufacturing Solutions’ fourth Manufacturer Pulse survey. The survey assesses how manufacturers are being impacted by the coronavirus and resulting economic crisis and tracks the actions they are taking in response. The first pulse survey (data collected April 21-27)  and second pulse survey (data collected May 19-26) results will also be compared to this recent survey, which was conducted in August, to help identify changes and trends. Attend this webinar to better understand the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis on Wisconsin manufacturers, learn what actions manufacturers are taking in response to the pandemic, understand how manufacturers’ perspectives are trending, and have a benchmark you can compare your company against.


Moraine Park_Matt Goff_Photo.jpg

Matt Goff,

 Moraine Park Technical College

Persinger, Bill.JPG

Bill Persinger

Lakeshore Technical College

Tools of the Trade: Utilizing Assessments and Coaching for Organizational Success

Organizational success is defined differently in each organization, but attracting and retaining employees is a goal of most businesses. This session will discuss how assessments and a culture of coaching can aid an organization in achieving success through employee development, which positively impacts both employee recruitment and retention.





Building a great culture in times of crisis: A CEO roundtable

CEO Roundtable featuring four northeast Wisconsin manufacturing CEOs speaking on the topic of building great culture in times of crisis.  

Kim Bassettt.2020.Photo.jpg

Kim Bassett 

Bassett Mechanical

Lanny Viegut Office BG 2019.jpg

Lanny Viegut

Carnivore Meats

Sachin Headshot.jpg

Kurt Voss


Sachin Shivaram

Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry


Moderator Ann Franz

NEWMA Executive Director

Sponsored by:

St. Norbert College & Wipfli


Lisa Horn


Tamera Long.jpg

Tamera Long

Oshkosh Corp

All Together! Supporting Women in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is dynamic and must continue to build talent and embrace diversity and innovation. Learn how Women in Manufacturing chapters are helping fill this need while building up and supporting women in the industry. Come and learn about the chapters and what you can do in your organization or as an individual to support them. Hear from local businesses on what they are doing to uplift women in manufacturing.



Greg Linnemanstons

Weidert Group

Go Beyond the Sales Funnel! Embrace the Flywheel to Maximize Business Growth & Customer Loyalty

The flywheel is a powerful methodology that helps organizations identify all the opportunities available to them to increase the forces that drive their businesses — and remove the sources of friction that keep them from achieving optimum results. The methodology creates alignment between marketing, sales and customer service, allowing you to gain real momentum as you attract and convert leads while continuously satisfying customers. 


Mike 1.png

Mike Schlagenhaufer 


Stamm Aaron 2018.jpg

Aaron Stamm


How to Build a Better Supply Chain

This presentation will cover the critical components of a supply chain. Companies will learn about the vital role of building a solid supply chain for themselves as well as their customers and vendors. It will provide insight into why multi-sourcing, systems and communication are key to building a solid supply chain. Learn about the wide range of tools you can implement to increase the stability, flexibility and resilience of your supply chain. The presenters will walk you through ordering, shipping and inventory management. 


AcuityLogo_Master_6-22 (1).jpg
Investors_Vicki Tandeski_Photo.jpg


Vicki Tandeski

Ariens Co

Investors_Kathi Belotti_Photo.jpg

Kathi Bellotti US Venture

Investors_John Meier_Photo.jpg

John Meier, Oshkosh Corp

Investors_Mandy Huth.jpg

Mandy Huth, Kohler

Cybersecurity – Unique Challenges within the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing executives constantly balance business demands and cultural aspects against the prioritized list of cybersecurity threats and best practices that face their organizations. Our panel of IT professionals will explore the approaches they have successfully used to provide their organizations with the strategies needed to navigate the complexity of today's business world.




Gordon Feller, Founder, Meeting of the Minds


Benson Chan,

Senior Partner at Strategy of Things

Accelerating The Internet of Things in the U.S.


Benson Chan, Senior Partner at Strategy of Things, and Gordon Feller, former Director at Cisco Systems HQ, will present, and then lead a discussion. They are two members of a team of experts who received a grant from the U.S. Federal government’s National Institute of Standards and Technology to conduct a special research project. The aim is to identify the infrastructure gaps across key industries, including manufacturing; to assess and quantify the macroeconomic benefits of closing those gaps; to recommend to the government where to direct initiatives over the coming years (in targeted research investments; in private sector investment incentives; in other ways).


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